Welcome to my website! It’s my great privilege and honor to serve on the Napa County Board of Supervisors, representing District 3. Please sign into the area to the right to receive updates of new posts!
The 5-member Board of Supervisors sets the vision and policies for operation of County government and, with our CEO, we plan and direct that overall operation through department heads. We oversee a $200 million+ budget, with approximately 1200 employees. We keep the County’s financial system stable with responsible, conservative planning, including five-year forecasts in our decision-making.
We provide pubic health services in some fashion to every County resident – from flu epidemic prevention to Medi-Cal services; we operate a criminal justice system, including prosecution, defense, probation, and jail services.
Our land use decisions should — and my main focus is to — protect our agricultural preserve and open space, both for our residents and our County’s primary economic engines: premium wine-making and tourism.

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