April 16, 2013 at the Board of Supervisors’ meeting …

At our third April meeting, we:

  • proclaimed April 14-20, 2013 as National Library Week in Napa County, with a presentation to Jack Benge, Chair of the Napa County Library Commission, and Danis Kreimeier, Director of Library Services.  The library is near and dear to my heart, as librarianship was my first profession … and I had the privilege of serving on our local Commission (as a member, and as chair) in the 1980s/90s.  I appreciate all the work the Commission continues to do on behalf of our library and all its branches.
  • proclaimed 2013 as the Year of the Child (in the State of California) to highlight the work of our First 5 Commission, preschools, and Head Start programs.
  • received the April 2013 PBES Newsletter from Planning Building and Environmental Services (PBES) Director Hillary Gitelman.  Our new permit center opened April 22!  The grand opening will be in the afternoon of Tuesday, May 7.  Drop by and learn about the new services we are providing to county residents!
  • approved emergency purchase of $22,000 for a portable digital X-ray system because our current system stopped functioning and was unable to be repaired.  It allows the Sheriff’s department to quickly and efficiently X-ray bodies at our facility, and also locate and collect evidence.
  • appointed Joy Arthur Hilton from American Canyon, Juliana Inman from the City of Napa, and Kara Scoggins from Yountville to serve on the Napa County Local Food Advisory Council.  I am pleased to serve as the Board of Supervisors’ representative on this board.  We are making lots of progress promoting local food sourcing, local food production, and in general making it easier for those activities to occur!
  • approved the recommended recipients for distribution of the 2013-14 Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement grant funds for physical, mental, and drug and alcohol programs and facilities that provide inpatient and outpatient services, including related to prevention and education programs.
  • adopted a resolution to authorize the purchase for $25 million of approximately 25 acres, including 90,000 square feet of office building space, in the Napa Valley Corporate Park (near the DMV office), for County facilities.  The first use there will be for a new Health and Human Services Department campus.  This will consolidate services that are dispersed throughout the City of Napa in various localities that are better suited to other uses and portables that are literally falling apart from age/wear-and-tear because they were never intended for 40+ year use.  It will create greater efficiencies in service to County residents and operation of the Department.
  • accepted the Napa County Library Staffing Study from County Librarian Danis Kreimeier and adopted a resolution updating many positions and moving our Communication and Public Information Officer position to work under the County Librarian, whose job is now titled “Director of Library Services and Community Outreach.”  Library services are all about reaching out to, and engaging the public.  I am excited about this change because I think it will enhance our communication with the public about County services.
  • appointed Patricia Bardwell (representing Supervisorial District Two) and Eddi Wolk (representing the City of Napa) to the Napa County Arts and Culture Advisory Committee.

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