April 2, 2013 at the Board of Supervisors’ meeting …

Our first meeting in April was a very busy one!  We:

  • proclaimed April 1-7 as National Public Health Week in Napa County.
  • accepted a donation of almost $20,000 from the Foster Kids Fund for the operation of the Children’s Receiving Center.  This is the family-friendly, short-term facility for children in transition to foster care.  The center supports children through the trauma of removal from their birth families by providing crisis support, behavioral management, and assessment services.  It’s another way to keep our children safer and stronger.
  • signed an agreement with Community Action of Napa Valley, Inc. (CANV) enhancing their work on our behalf for the provision of Proposition 99 tobacco control services.
  • signed an agreement with Queen of the Valley Medical Center for funding for services provided under the “Live Healthy Napa County” project.
  • donated a surplus 1987 GMC County vehicle to the Deer Park Volunteer Fire Department.
  • endorsed the “State-based option” for implementation of the Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid expansion component.  This part of Obamacare is being implemented at the County level; the Board of Supervisors, County staff, and our community healthcare stakeholders have a huge responsibility in this process.
  • proclaimed April 9 as  Equal Pay Day and recognized Soroptimist International of Napa and our local American Association of University Women (AAUW) for their efforts in promoting equality for women.

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