May 21, 2013 at the Board of Supervisors’ meeting …

… was almost all about Napa Pipe.   We did have 31 items on the Consent agenda, 9 of which were related to the operation of our Health and Human Services Department.  Other actions included accepting a quarterly report of donations to the library, approving contracts related to the operation of the airport and the jail, authorizing advertisement for bids to do road improvements, and a variety of other actions all contributing to the smooth operation of county government.

We also unanimously authorized a letter to be sent to various legislators and other interested parties stating our opposition to Assembly Bill 537 (Bonta), which seeks to make significant changes to State law that would adversely affect our ability ot negotiate in the collective bargaining process.  A copy of the letter can be found here:

Regarding Napa Pipe, we heard from approximately 55 people, mostly in favor of the project — although approval of the Costco was the emphasis from the majority of those that spoke.  The Board made significant progress towards a final decision, but there are still significant details to be negotiated with the City of Napa — a process we intend to complete by Tuesday, June 4.

The Board never meets the day after a holiday — with the agenda posted the previous Thursday afternoon or Friday, it is too difficult for the community and staff to engage with us when there is a three-day weekend; we need that business day before our meeting.  So there is no Board meeting today.  I hope you all had a inspiring Memorial Day weekend, celebrating life as we also remember those that served our country so bravely, enabling us to enjoy the privileges we have today.

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