June 11, 2013 at the Board of Supervisors’ meeting …

At our second meeting in June, we:

  • approved the Community Corrections Partnership Public Safety Realignment and Post Release Community Supervisor 2013 Implementation Plan  — in other words: the annual plan for how we manage people in our correctional system – including those in the jail and those on probation.  The plan is used to make programmatic decisions, including expenses for staff, training, supplies, and other items. It is focused on program effectiveness, and includes a range of sanctions for offenders, from traditional incarceration to alternatives that cost less than sending an inmate to State prison or jail.
  • had an extensive discussion about fire services, and gave direction to staff to implement a series of recommendations made by the Fire Services Ad Hoc Committee.  I am proud to have participated on that Committee, which was created following the Board’s September 2012 special study session on fire services.  The Committee’s task was to review and make recommendations regarding the structure of the Napa County Fire Department because one of the key issues last fall was that there was a lack of formalized structure.  The recommendations approved by the Board on June 11 include the following:
    • formalizing that we have one cohesive County Fire Department (rather than a contract with CalFire plus nine volunteer fire departments);
    • creation of a Napa County Fire Services Advisory Committee to continue the great dialogue and forum for discussion that was initiated by the ad hoc committee.  The permanent advisory committee will include representatives from paid and volunteer fire personnel, county staff, and a community member.  It will hold public meetings and advise the Board of Supervisors on fire related matters.
    • creation of a Volunteer Liaison Officer (1/2 time position) to assist with the resolution of administrative issues and items of mutual interest between the County Fire Chief and the volunteer component of the Napa County Fire Department.  This is necessary because the Fire Chief is technically an employee of CalFire, not the County of Napa, and the relationship between some CalFire employees and the volunteer departments has not always been as productive as desired.
    • identification of the volunteer fire departments as volunteer fire companies, to become compliant with State law.
    • terminating our current Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the volunteer fire departments, effective December 31, 2013, and entering into individual Memorandums of Agreement (MOAs) with each of the nine companies, because each is unique.
  • received an annual report/update on the Local Emergency Medical Services (LEMS) Agency, including the status of the emergency ambulance franchise that became effective January 2, 2012.  System management, clinical practice, and public-private provider collaboration dramatically improved in 2012, including big improvements in dispatch.  American Medical Response (AMR), the new emergency ambulance provider, has exceeded performance goals.
  • received a report from the Emergency Medical Care Committee (EMCC).  It reviews “ambulance operations” in Napa County, and is advisory to the Board of Supervisors and our county LEMS agency.  We had a presentation on Public Access Defibrillation (PAD) and good news about Napa’s success rate regarding Sudden Cardiac Arrest.  The new treatment guidelines that were adopted within the last year regarding cardio-pulmonary resuscitation have resulted in Napa County being at the top in terms of survival rates!  Take a look at this chart for our comparison with major metropolitan areas across the United States: EMS Cardiac Info.

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