July 9, 2013 at the Board of Supervisors’ meeting …


At our first meeting of the new fiscal year, we:

  • presented a REThink Your Drink month proclamation to the Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Health Education program, declaring July 2013 as “Rethink Your Drink Month” in Napa County.  We have an obesity epidemic in our nation – including in Napa County – and especially among our children.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the U.S. Surgeon General, and the Institute of Medicine recommend reducing consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages as a critical strategy to reverse the epidemic.  The Rethink Your Drink campaign is a collaborative effort of the Children and Weight Coalition (CWC) of Napa County and the Napa County Public Health Division to encourage people to drink healthier options, such as water or limited amounts of juice and low-fat or fat free milk.
  • heard from Ag Commissioner Dave Whitmer that – thanks to a vigilant Napa Valley business owner, Frostfire Vineyards — a successful prosecution was made in Ventura against a nursery supply company that supplied 65 roses bushes to the Napa business.  Fortunately, the business requested that the Napa County Ag Commissioner’s office conduct an inspection of the plants because the shipment lacked shipping and county certification documents.

Pierce’s Disease is a danger to California’s $50 billion grape industry.  One of the ways it is transmitted is through movement of nursery stock that have been infested with the glassy-winged sharpshooter (GWSS).  Ventura is a GWSS-infected county; Napa is not.  The Ventura nursery owner was required to obtain a compliance certificate from the Ventura County Ag Commissioner’s office, and did not.  The rose bushes were destroyed, the nursery owner served 10 days in the Ventura County Work Release program, will serve 36 months of summary probation, and paid restitution to Frostfire Vineyards.  We do not want Napa County look like this:  (Temecula, several years ago):      Temecula vineyards decimated

  •  approved a new agreement with City of Calistoga for the next two years for emergency services in the unincorporated area around that city.  Specifically, the City will provide emergency medical service, rescue, and fire suppression and protection services to defined areas immediately adjacent to the city limits.  This optimizes the strengths of the County’s and the City’s fire departments and enhances the service level in both.  When I came on the Board in January 2003, the County had a separate fire station on Tubbs Lane; I realized a cooperative effort would better serve the citizens of the Calistoga unincorporated area.  We adopted guiding principles in September 2003, and a cooperative agreement in March 2004.  This new agreement is a modification of that original, adhering to the basic principles by which we have provided service for the last 10 years.
  • approved expenditures from the County (unincorporated) area’s Measure A funds for five projects (the projects had previously been discussed and approved; our action on July 9 was to put the finishing touches on the funding for the projects).  These are:
    •             $175,000 to support the Milliken-Sarco-Tulocay (MST) Recycled Water Project
    •             $250,000 to support Angwin-Deer Park Water Supply Reliability
    •             $1,280,000 for construction and revegetation activities for several parts of the Rutherford Reach component of the Napa River Restoration project
    •             $100,000 towards design of the Oakville Crossroad to Oak Knoll Reach part of the Napa River Restoration project
    •             $50,000 to support design and permitting activities for stream road crossing repairs – as part of the Napa River Sediment Reduction TMDL (total maximum daily load [of sediment]) Implementation Project.

These are excellent uses of that portion of the 1998 voter-approved half cent sales tax that is required to be devoted to watershed restoration and preservation activities.

  • approved an agreement with Berryessa Garbage Service for the next 15 years for the collection and disposal of solid waste in the unincorporated area of Berryessa (officially known as Garbage Zone Two).  While we normally don’t approve such contracts for periods in excess of 10 years, Garbage Zone Two presents a unique situation.  We need to maintain financial stability in this area; a longer-than-usual contract was therefore deemed appropriate for the situation.

Napa County Flood Control and Water Conservation District – July 9

At least once each month, the Board of Supervisors meets together with the mayors of the County’s cities and town, plus a Napa City councilperson, altogether comprising the Board of Directors of the Napa County Flood Control and Water Conservation District.  At our first meeting of the fiscal year, we:

  • approved a Countywide Stormwater Management Program.  This action benefits residents and taxpayers of Napa County because each entity is required by State law to have a stormwater management program.  By collaborating on this effort, we all save money.
  • authorized a contract with the Napa County Resource Conservation District (RCD) to spend the $174,830 of tax dollars collected on real property tax bills for water conservation.  The RCD will provide services related to public education and outreach, coordinating volunteer river cleanups, and developing and maintaining hydrologic models of selected stream systems.  This action fulfills the District Board’s responsibility to spend these dollars in a prudent fashion for the benefit of residents and taxpayers county wide.
  • authorized, after submission of the proposal to the affected property owners, an assessment on 41 property owners along the Rutherford Reach of the Napa River.  They will collectively pay over $98,000 annually for the maintenance of the vast improvements made to that reach in the last ten years.  Kudos to the property owners!  There was not a single protest received.

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