August 6, 2013 at the Board of Supervisors’ meeting …

At our first meeting in August, we:

  • thanked our Health and Human Services staff for handling a County services ‘fair’ on Saturday, July 20, in Pope Valley.  I initiated this effort in response to the economic situation in which many families living at Lake Berryessa Estates find themselves due to reduced home values, increased utility bills, and the general higher cost of living in that area.
  • authorized the District Attorney’s office to receive a Victim/Witness Assistance Program grant from the State Office of Emergency Services.  There is no mandate for the DA to provide this service; the County, however, is required to identify a provider of such services and the DA’s office has agreed to fill that role three years ago when the non-profit in that role could no longer so act.
  • entered into two cooperative agreements for law enforcement and emergency dispatch services with the Cities of American Canyon and Napa, respectively.  These cooperative joint efforts are more efficient and effective than stand-alone municipal operations, providing better service to residents and taxpayers, and in general reflect a prudent business-like approach to the expenditure of tax dollars.
  • authorized an updated agreement with the communities of American Canyon, Napa, St. Helena, and Calistoga regarding the three medical cache trailers that are maintained throughout the county for emergency multi-casualty incidents.  The trailers were purchased seven years go with a Homeland Security Grant.  The medical equipment is being updated so all three trailers have the same capability to respond to an incident (we also authorized the purchase of new tires!).
  • authorized renewal of the Ag Commissioner’s agreement with the State Department of Food & Agriculture for enforcement of the California Organic Foods Act.  The County perform inspections and sampling at the producer/handler and retail/farmer’s market levels, and responds to complaints.  Fortunately, we have not received those in recent years in Napa County!
  • entered into an agreement to provide $155,000 worth of services and direct funding to construct the “Oak Knoll” segment (Napa to Yountville) of the Napa Valley Vine Trail.  The County will contribute $30,000 in cash and $125,000 in staff time associated with the environmental determination, plan review, and construction inspection.
  • authorized an agreement for the receipt of $325,000 from a hotel developer in Napa to be used for restoration efforts on the Rutherford Reach of the Napa River.   The developer is paying the funds as part of mitigation for the loss of seasonal and other wetland and riparian areas on the development project site located in the City of Napa, and bounded by First Street, the Napa River, and Silverado Trail.
  • heard a report from the Napa Valley Tourism Corporation (NVTC).  The NVTC is required  by law to have a member from the Board of Supervisors and I am honored to be that person.  It oversees revenues and disbursements from the 2% tax paid by overnight visitors, which began when the Board of Supervisors established the Napa Valley Tourism Improvement District (NVTID) in 2010, with the consent and approval of the local lodging industry.  This effort has been a huge boon to our second largest industry!

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