Water Conservation: ways to make a difference!

faucet drippingAt our County WICC (Watershed Information Commission and Conservancy) meeting last week, we had a presentation by Pat Costello from the City of Napa on countywide water conservation programs. The City of Napa has a great Water Conservation Website with lots of very useful information.

There are many local programs available, including rebates for purchase of more water efficient appliances. For instance, St. Helena, Napa Sanitation District, and the County have a rebate program for high-efficiency toilets and urinals; the County and every city/town have rebate programs for high-efficiency clothes washers. For more information, go to the website for the jurisdiction where you live.

While we may not be seeing much rain (yet), it’s actually a good time to start planning a “rain garden.” The County of Napa is holding a rainwater harvesting workshop in Napa on March 10-11. Cash rebates are available to residents of the Napa River watershed who install rain gardens and rain barrels/cisterns on their property.

The City of Napa and Town of Yountville have “Cash For Grass” rebates. St. Helena has the Smart Yard program. Mark your calendar for the 4th Annual Bay-Friendly Garden Tour in the Napa Valley, which will showcase 15 gardens. It’s on April 27, 2014; watch the Napa County RCD website for more information.

Finally, all of us should visit the State’s Save Our Water campaign website for some great tips on What We Can Do.

The easiest way to save is to leave your automatic sprinklers OFF until Spring. Short winter days mean dormant plants and lawns. A little brown is OK!

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