Revised Emergency Drought Proclamation

Image Governor Brown issued a new Emergency Drought Proclamation today – Governor’s Drought Proclamation (April 25 2014) – highlighted – maybe it was a coincidence, but we can’t let the welcome rain we received today take our eyes off the big picture!

The proclamation calls on Californians to take specific actions to avoid wasting water, including limiting lawn watering and car washing; recommends that schools, parks, and golf courses limit the use of potable water for irrigation; and asks that hotels and restaurants give customers options to conserve water by only serving water upon request and other measures.  I have highlighted items on pages 2-3 of the proclamation that especially pertain to Napa County residents.  The Water Board will work with local water agencies to ensure such water conservation measures are implemented.

The proclamation also will enable several important actions to be taken urgently as we head into several months of the dry season.  It expedites the approval of water transfers, emergency drinking water projects, and habitat monitoring and protection.  It also streamlines normal regulations to enable fire protection, recycled water projects, and purchasing of equipment for emergency drought response.

Information on the statewide water conservation campaign is at<>.  Up-to-date information on the state’s drought response is always available at<>.


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