Probation and Pre-Trial Appreciation Week

This week at the Board of Supervisors we presented a proclamation to Chief Probation Officer Mary Butler celebrating “Probation Appreciation Day” (Tuesday, July 15) and “Probation and Pre-Trial Appreciation Week” (July 14-18).  These are tributes to our Napa County Probation Department for their commitment and dedication to protecting the citizens of Napa County.

Probation Appreciation Week is celebrated nationally each year during the third week in July.  This year we added “pre-trial services” to the proclamation because that work is equally important:  when people get into the criminal justice system, the sooner we start engaging with them, the better the outcome.  Probation plays a critical part in reducing recidivism, which is a major goal in our county.

Probation officers and Juvenile hall counselors are responsible for supervising adult and juvenile offenders in the community.  Probation officers are an arm of the court, providing pretrial supervision and services to offenders that can maintain employment and housing pending court, and recommendations to the judiciary to support rehabilitation, as well as services, support, and protection for victims.

The officers and counselors are trained professionals; working in partnership with community agencies and  groups, they provide services and referrals for offenders.  Our probation department staff are clearly working to change lives and build better futures for many community members.  Hats off to them, this week (and all year round!).

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