2018 Ballot Measures – County and State

A local ballot measure to increase Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) (visitor hotel tax) and 11 statewide propositions are a lot to digest.  Some recommendations about support or opposition (or other aspects) of the state proposals are posted on my website at 2018 Ballot Measures – Recommended Positions on State Measures.  The observations are from a perspective of how the various proposals affect local government and county residents.

As for the local TOT measure, Please Vote YES!  The 1% increase is dedicated to funding affordable housing for our local workforce!  See Yes on Workforce Housing website for more information.  [Remember: there’s only a single 1% increase for each lodging facility; all ~140,000 county residents have a say in what happens in the unincorporated area, so Measure I is on every ballot.  Each city/town also has its own ballot measure.]

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