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2021 is a Big Year for work on and around roads in the unincorporated County.  In the interest of maximizing coordination and minimizing confusion, each week through the construction season Public Works Director Steve Lederer provides a list of work planned for the following week of which he is aware.

We can’t guarantee that the list is perfect or that things won’t change (they will), and he relies on outside sources for non-county work (PG&E, Caltrans, etc.), but it should be a good big picture source of information.   Please look for it at my website and/or Facebook page.

For June 1-4, 2021: Potential Road Work Locations

County of Napa

Silverado Trail from Oak Knoll south  to Hardman (dig outs of bad locations) (through June 4)

Mt. Veeder Rd. MPM 5.1 (slide repair); one way traffic controls in effect until complete


Hwy 128 Capell Creek Bridge replacement—reduced to one lane (long term)

CalRecycle Tree Removal (Sierra Mtn. Construction) (information is 2 weeks old)

Lower Chiles Valley Rd. (173 trees) 

Pope Canyon Rd. (118 Trees)

Langtry Rd. (244 trees)

PG&E tree work:

1800 block of Ink Grade Rd.

300 block of West Lane

Cold Springs Rd.

3000 block of Redwood Rd.

PG&E System Hardening/Pole replacement:

PG&E has tried to avoid road closures during their system upgrades and fire hardening/PSPS work. Some of the sites below did not initially call for a closure but were re-evaluated by their work crews and it was determined road closures are necessary due to existing conditions and narrow travel lanes.  So PG&E submitted applications for review, as required because no road closures are allowed under their Annual Permit.

Permit Conditions of Approval require CMS (Community Message Service?) Boards be placed at specified locations/intersections a minimum of one week in advance, and Emergency Services be notified each morning of a closure. PG&E provides additional outreach to affected residents.

Upcoming closures – Dates TBD

Ink Grade

Brookside Drive – Detour will be in place – should be no issues.

Meadowood Lane – Alternate routes available – should be no issues.

Conn Valley & Greenfield Road (PG&E was told this would be a challenging closure and they are expected to work with residents to the extent possible).

Mt Veeder Road

Wild Horse Valley Road

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