General Issues

The Board of Supervisors deals with a wide variety of issues.  Some are of primarily local importance, such as Berryessa and Highway 29 improvement.  Others are concerns throughout the nation but handled at the local level, and thus a local challenge, such as our homeless population, and health issues like obesity and tuberculosis.

Fiscal Prudence:  Underlying every issue is an examination of how its resolution will impact County finances.  I believe that government should be run like a business as much as possible – but government is not a business.  Certain services must be provided to individuals without regard to whether they have shoes or shirts.  That said, our Board of Supervisors is proud of its longstanding policy of exercising fiscal prudence.  We always have an on-time balanced budget.  We enter into contracts with performance measures and certain outcomes required of the other party.  We do not create programs with “one-time” revenues.  When the state decides to cut funding from a program or service, we do not automatically backfill with local dollars.  These and other fiscal policies have stood us in good stead and provided a solid base from which we can meet the continuing and new challenges that face our County.

Benefit to Local Residents:  while we always seek the fiscally prudent approach, we look for the fiscal win-win when we deal with issues that affect both the County and any of the county’s five municipalities (American Canyon, Napa, Yountville, St. Helena, and Calistoga).  That means we approach issues affecting residents that are both city and county taxpayers by looking for outcomes that provide the best service with the least cost on both ledgers.  We have a long history of collaboration on many issues.

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