2018 Ballot Measures – Recommended Positions on County and State Measures

My recommendations for support or opposition are viewed from the perspective of how the propositions affect local government and Napa County residents.  Please refer to details page for more information on statewide propositions.

COUNTY MEASURE I – workforce housing creation

SUPPORT – The Board of Supervisors unanimously supports Measure I

Measure I – will increase the Transient Occupancy Tax (TOT) by 1%.  TOT is paid only by overnight lodging guests.  The funds from the 1% increase will be designated to a fund dedicated to creating more housing that is affordable for our workforce.  See Yes on Workforce Housing website for more information and endorsements.



Proposition 1 — Housing Bonds

Proposition 2 — Use Mental Health Monies to Pay for Bonds to Reduce Homelessness

Proposition 3 — Water Supply and Water Quality Bonds

Proposition 10 — Allow Local Decision Making about Rent Control

Proposition 11 — Require Private Emergency Ambulance Employees to Remain on Call During Work Breaks


Proposition 5 — Transfer of Property Tax Base to New Home

Proposition 6 — Elimination of Certain Road Repair Funding


Proposition 4 —  Bonds for Construction at Children’s Hospitals

Proposition 7 — Daylight Saving Time

Proposition 8 — Regulation of Outpatient Kidney Dialysis Clinic Charges for Treatment

Proposition 12 — Farm Animal Housing


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