2016 Ballot Measures – Recommended Positions on County and State Measures

My recommendations for support or opposition are viewed from the perspective of how the propositions affect local government and Napa County residents.  Please refer to details page for more information on statewide propositions.


SUPPORT – The Board of Supervisors unanimously supports Measures Z and A

Measure Z – protect our watersheds and create more recreational opportunities with $.0025 (1/4 cent) sales tax for 14 years; all $ go to Napa County Parks and Regional Open Space District and stay here, benefiting everyone in the county.  See Yes on Measure Z website for more information and endorsements; see Napa Valley Register endorsement -“emphatic yes” and St. Helena Star endorsement.

Measure A – “let’s start with the editorial board’s strong recommendation: If you are interested in lowering the euthanasia rate at the animal shelter, vote in favor of Measure A and against Measure B.”  Napa Valley Register endorsement


Measure B — contains potentially budget-disruptive language.  “There’s no reason to vote for Measure B, which was a rough draft of the more refined Measure A.”  Weekly Calistogan editorial



Proposition 51 — School Bonds

Proposition 52 — State Fees on Hospitals. Federal Medi-Cal Matching Funds

Proposition 54 — Legislative Transparency

Proposition 55 — Tax Extension on High Wealth Individuals

Proposition 56 — Cigarette Tax to Fund Healthcare, Tobacco Use Prevention, Research, and Law Enforcement

Proposition 57 — Criminal Sentences. Juvenile Criminal Proceedings and Sentencing

Proposition 59 — Campaign Finance. Voter Instruction

Proposition 67 — Referendum to Overturn Ban on Single-Use Plastic Bags


Proposition 53 — Revenue Bonds

Proposition 65 — Carry-Out Bags. Charges



Proposition 58 — English Language Education.  Multilingual Education – but see note on details page

Proposition 60 — Adult Films – but see note on details page

Proposition 61 — Prescription Drug Purchases. Pricing Standards

Proposition 62 — Death Penalty

Proposition 63 — Firearms. Ammunition Sales

Proposition 64 — Marijuana Legalization – but see note on details page

Proposition 66 — Death Penalty. Procedures

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